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Why Alternative/Holistic Medicine & Related Health Care Use Is On The Increase

Exploring the Reasons There is a growing interest or need in the use of alternative/holistic approaches to health and here we present some of the reasons for this trend. People use complementary and alternative medicine because: A sizable portion of the general public now believe that a lternative /holistic  medicine or health care is frequently safer and often just as effective as conventional treatment options. Alternative/Holistic approaches  give patients choices. A health conscious choice allows patients to make life style changes, understand medical alternatives to care, and be an active participant in their healing process . When we make a choice we have decided to change and th at  power of positive change in our lives is the most important step in healing. Yet another  reason alternative /holistic  medicine  or health care  is rising in  popular ity  is that the public is  realizing that it doesn't have to be used exclusively. Many approaches once thought of as al

Getting Your Nutrients From Food Alone May Not Be A Good Idea

Daily optimum nutrients intake is necessary to keep us healthy. The challenge is, can we get adequate nutrient supplies from our daily food intake (even from healthy foods)? We probably need to consider use of nutritional supplements to meet our daily nutrient intake requirement for optimum health. Check the following link to learn more:

A Comparative Overview of Major Medical and Related Health Care Paradigms

Understanding the two distinct major paradigms of medicine and related health care systems and their roles in our health.  When it comes to our health issues, the two main distinct paradigms of medicine and related health care systems are the Modern/Conventional Medicine and a number of various forms of Alternative Medicine (e.g. Naturopathic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, etc.) also often  classified under the umbrella name “ Holistic Medicine ” . As one of my introductory posts, I will provide a comparative outline of the major facets of the two medical paradigms, to help us understand the options we have for our health care. I will be referring back to this comparison table as we proceed with the natural health conversation on this blog. Modern/Conventional Medicine Holistic Medicine/Alternative Medicine Philosophy The philosophy of medicine is a field/scientific discipline that seeks to explore fundamental issues in theory, research, and practice within the health sciences,

Taking charge of your health - Be your own advocate

Leaving your healthcare obligations solely in the hands of healthcare providers is unlikely to yield desirable outcomes for your health and well-being. Your healthcare providers might not have all the answers to your health issues due to a number of reasons, including limited knowledge or being conflicted. Check the following link for more insights: file:///E:/When%20Evidence%20Says%20No,%20But%20Doctors%20Say%20Yes%20.pdf . 

Optimum Nutrition for Health and Vitality

MATTERS AROUND  ADEQUACY, INADEQUACY & IMBALANCE S Nutrients Intake Are we getting enough nutrients for health maintenance, protection, promotion and wellness during the life-course? The answer is NO. Here are a couple of facts that could be of use to support this argument. Revisiting the expert joint report of WHO/FAO released by WHO(2002), on diet, nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases, the consultations articulated a new platform or dispensation, not just of dietary and nutritional targets, but also of concepts of the human organism's subtle  and complex relationship to its environment in relation to  chronic diseases, taking into account: i) Looking at diet within the context of the macroeconomic implications of public health recommendations on agriculture, and the global supply and demand for foodstuffs, both fresh and processed. ii) Role of diet in defining the expression of genetic susceptibility to NCDs, iii) The need for responsible and creative partn