Taking Charge of your Health - Understanding Basics in Philosophy of Health is Key

  Ontology  provides us with the insights into the nature of existence of the subject matter of interest, in this case, health, in order for us to get to the depth of reality. The study of health  is the study of life. Health is a natural condition of life. Perfect health is the ideal condition of life. Health cannot be extricated from life, for we cannot talk of health, in nonliving matter. The philosophy of health is, in essence, the philosophy of living matter/life. Natural Health , Holistic Health, or Natural Hygiene is the exploration   of all the elements   and influences upon health we   can examine to improve our   lives. Certain truths and natural   laws apply to all humanity  and all living matter . Natural Health, Natural Hygiene  concerns itself with those principles  (fundamental truths, comprehensive laws or doctrines, tenets) applicable to human life so that we may wisely apply them to our   lives. Animals  in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance   of

Why We Need To Supplement Nutrients Intake

  Most of our health care providers including some M.Ds, nutritionists, dieticians, etc believe and/or would want us to believe that we can get adequate nutrients for optimum health through eating a balanced diet. My guess is such beliefs are based on assumptions derived from Dietary Reference Intake values, accepted as science-based by the biomedical community and policy makers. Of course DRI values are so low that it makes sense to believe that you can  meet your nutrient requirement from food intake through eating a variety of foods (given, for example that one orange can provide approx. 65 mg which is within the DRI range for adults). The challenge is: can we achieve optimum health through getting our nutrients from food alone? I argues we don’t, because daily nutrients intake from food alone are ridiculously low ( Hickey and Roberts, 2004), to achieve optimum health. Nutrition is an essential component of our health  and that of any living matter. The science of nutrition and heal

Your Health and The Experts - Keep them on the Watch During this COVID-19 Crisis.

  We look at the question: How do vaccines work? We the try to analyse how this question is addressed by what are believed to be reliable health information sources with evidence-based intervention approaches often echoed by our public health experts. First .we revisit some of the fundamental principles of biology relevant to the current topic, as expressed by Sadava and others (2017),captured in the following except: “Organisms sustain and renew themselves;  use molecules obtained from the environment to synthesize new biological molecules , extract energy from the environment and use it to do work .” One more universally accepted tenet common to organisms or living matter, relevant to this issue, is that of the ability of living matter to recognize and distinguish non-self from self, Gonzalez (2011) Now getting to the issue:   How does a vaccine work?   PublicHe addresses the question in the following excerpt: “ A vaccine works by training the immune system to recognize and