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The Paradox of Carbs in Human Health

All fingers are now pointing at sugars as culprit risk factors for a variety of health ailments such as cardiovascular diseases (hypertension or high blood pressure and atherosclerosis included), diabetes, some forms of cancer, various forms of body aches, etc. However, on the other hand, it is a well-established fact that carbs are the ideal source of readily available energy, for normal body functions. We need carbs and they are good for us at optimum intake levels, but excess intake brings with it numerous health problems. The challenge then is, how do we know when enough of the carbs intake is enough. Advice from our professional health care providers has been available for a while now, but the health problems said to be associated with the so-called excess intake appear to stay put in the greater part of the population world over. The question then is, are we on the spot as to the link between carbs and our chronic illnesses and the possible appropriate interventi

The Need for Nutritional Supplementation and When to Get Started

Very often we start searching for solutions when our health falls apart and the ill-health brings discomfort to our daily lives through chronic body aches and psychological distresses. However, to date, there are no established facts defining with certainty the precise causal factors that bring about the chronic ill-health (non-communicable diseases), and equally important at what stage in the course of an individual’s life these ill-health processes are initiated. It is probably a fair point of view to think of a possibility initiation of these chronic ill-health conditions during the very early stages of life even at conception. This notion is derived from the fact that, as noted in earlier posts and now widely believed, nutrition is on the forefront as determinant of the health status of an individual and therefore a malnourished mother will give birth to an under-nourished offspring. An classic example is that of folate (folic acid) deficiency in baby carrying mothers (pregnant mo