Why Alternative/Holistic Medicine & Related Health Care Use Is On The Increase

Exploring the Reasons

There is a growing interest or need in the use of alternative/holistic approaches to health and here we present some of the reasons for this trend. People use complementary and alternative medicine because:
A sizable portion of the general public now believe that alternative/holistic medicine or health care is frequently safer and often just as effective as conventional treatment options.
Alternative/Holistic approaches give patients choices. A health conscious choice allows patients to make life style changes, understand medical alternatives to care, and be an active participant in their healing process. When we make a choice we have decided to change and that power of positive change in our lives is the most important step in healing.
Yet another reason alternative/holistic medicine or health care is rising in popularity is that the public is realizing that it doesn't have to be used exclusively. Many approaches once thought of as alternative medicine are now used to complement, rather than replace, conventional medical treatment.
Further more, patients are looking for more ways to support their health, and seeking less invasive, non-drug, low-cost approaches to strengthen their well-being. Alternative medicine offers many choices, and most visits to alternative medicine practitioners include treatments that immediately improve how a person feels, as well as offering long range benefits.
Holistic approaches tent to offer highly individualized approach to their patients, customizing treatments which tent to be effective for the particular person experiencing symptoms rather than targeting the symptoms alone.
In addition, many alternative medicine approaches include simple things that people can do at home to improve their sense of well-being, and reduce stress and insults.
There is also a growing awareness among patients and physicians that although conventional medicine is effective in a number of areas, it has not yet identified and thus cannot address the deep underlying imbalances that lead to various symptoms and conditions.
In some instances some people might have persistent pain unable to be eased by the conventional approaches. Some people realize that their symptoms arent fully controlled by conventional medicine. Some might have concerns about the side-effects of medication.

A glance at these reasons can help us decide how to get started with alternative/holistic approaches to health
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