How to Get Started with Supplements Intake for Health, Vitality and Wellness

The questions to ask and possible answers are: Are we getting enough nutrients for health maintenance, protection, promotion and wellness during the life-course? The answer is NO. And how do we know? Extensive literature indicates that there is a strong association between ill-health (especially chronic diseases) and nutrient inadequacies, imbalances or excesses. Are there solutions to the nutrient-health associated relationship? Yes. The most realistic and reliable approach to the nutrient-health puzzle is to supplement good eating habits with nutritional supplements especially micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Food alone is not enough. How you feel is the best indicator of the need for supplementing your nutrient requirements.
Considerations on supplementing our nutritional requirements  can be based on our own informed decisions, recommendations from our health care providers, or decisions from our guardians. This can come about at any stage throughout the life course, from conception through birth to old age

Personal Experiences

In my own personal experience , getting started with nutritional supplements came about as a result of experiencing various chronic ailments and failure to get help or health solutions from mainstream conventional medical health providers.
I experience a multitude of health concerns including: heart arrhythmia, heart palpitations, deteriorating vision, breathing problems, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, nightmares, muscle weakness especially calf muscles, poor concentration, persistent twitching of eyelids and muscles all over the body including unusual parts of the body such as on the head with not much of muscle to talk about.  I went through a couple of physicians but no specific medical diagnosis was made, however, the physicians were professional enough to let me know that they could not come up with a substantive diagnosis, and therefore could not provide me with any specific and assuring therapeutic intervention..
With not much else expected from my designated health-care providers, I was left with no options than to get down to researching to find how I could help myself out of these health challenges. Through extensive reading, I got to understand and work on the health concerns that took a toll on me, which is part of how I got started with the issues of healthy foods or health diet and nutritional supplements.

What I learnt is that nutritional supplementing is necessary for health, vitality and wellness.

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