Eat That, Don’t Eat That in Macronutrients or Micronutrients Intake Count for Health


In one of my post on Google My Business Website, I highlighted issues of macronutrient intake count in relationship to our health. The current post takes a brief look at the roles and functions of micronutrients in our bodies as living organisms, and an outline of some aspects of micronutrient vs macronutrients.

The main points of my post are all summarized in the diagram above. What is worth adding emphasis on is that in the public domain, although micronutrients play critical roles and many functions in the body, they are less familiar, as we can’t always easily pinpoint which ones are in which foods. Further more, from the diagram above it is apparent that micronutrients are the drivers of metabolic processes in our bodies and even if macronutrients are in good balance, micronutrients deficiencies, imbalances or excesses are likely to lead to metabolic disorders. Therefore, asking for a bit more attention to intake count of our micronutrients, even more attention than that currently given to macronutrient intake count, is in my opinion, not asking for too much for prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases and our health, vitality and wellness. `

The next question is: how then do we ensure meeting the intake count of micronutrients, if we are not sure which of them are found where in optimum levels in the food we eat. This is where nutritional supplements come in to fill up the gap. It is worthwhile to note that it appears apparently clear that getting your optimum micronutrients from food is practically impossible (check the following link for a better understanding: Take this opportunity to visit our online store on this blog to see what nutritional supplements we have for offer.



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