Taking Charge of our Own Health – The Need for a Change in the Way we Understand Health and Ill-health

The viewpoint that health is ultimately the responsibility of the individual is frankly true. With a sizable greater proportion of the population world over expecting trained and highly skilled healthcare personnel to be the masters of their health, it becomes an unimaginable thought, that any ordinary person can tale charge of their own health. To help change the fear of taking charge of our own health, there is a need for a change in the way we understand our approaches to deal with matters of health and illness. There is need to learn or at least be aware of the very basic fundamental differences between the natural and the conventional medical or health care approaches, some of which are outlined in a very simplified manner in one of my first blog postings. Taking charge of one’s own health is practical and achievable, through the natural health approaches. One of the basic principles in the natural health approaches is that,  trained natural health professionals teach and empower patience and those seeking personal health advice to take responsibility for their own health.

Although there are loads and loads of information all over the internet on both natural and conventional healthcare approaches, for anyone who doesn’t have background knowledge in the health sciences, it is necessary to consult a trained natural health care provider for appropriate information to enable us to effectively take charge of our own health. Valuable information can also be obtained through social media platforms and interactions with influential natural health advocates such as lifestyle coaches (nutritionists, sports, etc.). As a philosophical pillar of the natural health approaches, it has especially come to stress responsibility for “self-healing” by observing the traditional common sense essentials of exercise, healthful diet, adequate sleep, good air, moderation in personal habits and so forth. We can definitely work on most of these facets of life at personal or individual level as a way of taking charge of our own health. The call for taking charge of our own health is getting louder, and taking charge of our own health is within our reach.

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