Taking Charge of Our Own Health – Tied to Life-Long Learning

In my last posting, I talked about taking charge of our own health and the need for a change in the way we view health and ill-health. This comes in the face of the shortfalls and/or challenges faced by the conventional approaches to medicine and the related health care systems to fight current health problems, in particular chronic non-communicable diseases (illnesses). On the other hand very encouraging evidence of success in fighting these current health problems through emerging and fast-growing alternative and/or holistic medical and health care systems.

Most of us would agree that, with the conventional approaches to medical and health care systems patients play passive roles (surrender decision making authority to the health care provider) and the health care providers play the active role. On the other hand, in the emerging alternative medical and health care approaches (mainly inclined to natural approaches), trained medical and health care providers teach and encourage patients and health advice seekers to actively participate in shaping their own health. This approach necessitates life-long learning.

Personal Experience

 It’s now my fourth season without catching a cold or flu, and of course without any immunization jabs. Now that I now know with certainty that vitamin C wards off a cold or flu to the point that I now consider it a non-existent disease in the face or in the presence of vitamin C. This knowledge came about accidentally while I was researching on natural approaches to fight a couple of chronic non-communicable diseases that had engulfed my health. Through natural health-associated life-long learning, I now know that a good quality vitamin C is a powerful nutritional supplement for health interventions in both communicable and chronic non-communicable diseases. Vitamin C, may be in combination with other supplements such as zinc and vitamin D, or vitamin C loaded natural sources such as the camu-camu fruit, can be effectively used to fight not only chronic non-communicable disease (including cardiovascular problems and obesity, some cancer and other conditions), but also infectious diseases such as a cold/flu, sore throat, cold sores, etc.

For more especially on vitamin C, check on one of the first blog post titled: Taking Charge of Our Own Health - Practical and Achievable.


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