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Health and personal care products choices

In one of my last postings, I focused on Ammonium as one of  the toxic ingredients ubiquitous in cleaning reagents, especially window and glass surface cleaners. Ammonium toxicity is mainly associated with respiratory problems. There are hundreds of these toxic ingredients in personal care products. In the current posting I wish to introduce to you one of the hidden toxic ingredients in a number of personal care products as well as medications, vaccines and household utensils. Aluminium is considered by many health care authorities worldwide as a harmless mineral element, used for various purposes in personal care products, vaccines, medicines etc. However, new emerging research points to Aluminium as a harmful mineral element to human health, being of particular concern to the nervous system toxicity, related to alzheimer ’ s diseases, Parkinson ’ s disease and  multiple sclerosis, and also hemotoxic (blood system). If it is true that effective prevention of any health problem is achi