Natural Health Approaches Effective for both Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases and Infectious Disease

When most of us are under the weather, the first thing that comes to mind is to find out where the emergence rooms are, for a doctors prescription for an antibiotic. However, in the present day, there is a considerable section of the society embracing natural approaches to dealing with infectious diseases, and I am proud to be among this part of the society. 

In my case, this inclination towards use of  natural approaches to tackle infectious diseases came about accidentally, while I was using natural approaches (vitamins, mineral supplements, medicinal herbs in the form of nutritional therapeutic/healing approaches) to deal with my own non-communicable ill-health conditions that had befallen me.

The biggest surprise to me was that, not only did the natural approaches help me to recover from the ill-health chronic conditions, but also kept me off infectious diseases, and noticeably, in particular the common cold and flu, from the time I religiously started to use them, to the present day. 

From realization of the effectiveness of these natural approaches on my health, my family members also adopted the natural approaches to dealing with infectious conditions such as the common cold, flu and soar throat and likewise managed to liberate themselves in particular from the common colds and the flu. No more visits to emergence rooms for flu immunizations and antibiotics against soar throat bugs.

When considering natural approached to fighting infectious diseases such as the common cold and flu, we need to think of high quality healthy diet/nutrition and also high on the list, nutritional supplements that include vitamin C, A, D and the mineral Zinc.

Vitamin C can be singled out  as a nutritional supplement that can be unilaterally used to to treat and prevent the common cold and flu when used in dosages much higher than the RDAs or DRIs  (used by mainstream/conventional medical or biomedical establishments). Effective doses of Vitamin C to treat or prevent the common cold or flu are commonly even much higher than the so-called tolerable upper limit of vitamin C of 2000 mg, established by the mainstream medical/biomedical establishment.  The maximum effective dose for vitamin C by mouth, as used by most holistic medical approaches, is just short of bowel tolerance, which is the maximum amount your body is able to absorb.
I cannot rule out that these natural approaches are effective against a broad range of infectious diseases because I have also not experienced infectious disease-related fevers since I started effectively using natural approaches to address non-communicable chronic health issues.

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