Staying Health - A personal responsibility

Most current human health problems are man-made lifestyle diseases and are also extended to animals. If lifestyle- related diseases are man-made, it then follows that by common sense, they can also be man-prevented. The ill-health related man-made risk factors are broad and include modern unwholesome foods,  chemicals in personal care and cleaning products, and a wide range of air and water pollutants. The existence of the ill-health risk factors entangled in our environment makes it a challenge for us to fend off their potential threats and harms. It demands that we dont look for salvation solely from our healthcare providers, but ensure that we get involved in determining our own health - Taking Charge of Our Own Health.

There are a couple of facts we can put forward to justify why we need to take charge of our own health: the experts cant fix everything; healthcare systems are imperfect; affordability limitations; we deserve service satisfaction and we need to be enabled to explore all options and not to be dictated to (with regard to our health or medical care available options). 

To sum up, you are the one who can make the biggest impact on your own health. To maintain or improve your health, you not only need to make good lifestyle choices - you need to get the best healthcare that meets your needs.

A couple of roles we can play in ensuring that we take charge of our health include: maintaining a healthy lifestyle (e.g. proper nutrition), become an informed healthcare consumer, and seek help when needed.

Diet and nutrition pose the greatest challenge with regards to food-health relationship, as this is the health determinant with the least research findings consensus among experts, the most misleading information from experts, literature and internet resources, and the most challenging for choice making for consumers, as the best way to achieve lifestyle changes is at individual or personal decision-making level. Such a scenario requires constant and continuous knowledge seeking in order for us to take charge of our own health. Check on previous posts, especially those under the labels "Taking Charge of Our Own Health."  A lot more to come!!


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