Food Matters

The pair of eye glasses below are prescription reading and visual correction lens which I personally used for about 3.5 years (2012 - 2016). My health care providers did not tell me exactly what the nature of my condition was, I would like to believe that it was a case of macular degeneration. I have since shelved these prescription glasses and just keep them as a souvenir to remind myself that prescription glasses are not the solution for treatment of macular degeneration vision problems. The root cause of the problem is not addressed at all and keeps on evolving. This is why at some point in time, there is need to change the pair of lenses for a more powerful pair.

So what is the solution?

I used nutritional/orthomulecular therapy approaches to reverse the macular degeneration condition.This is now my third year since I shelved my pair of prescription glasses and my vision is actually getting better by day. Macular degeneration can be reversed. Dietary changes and nutritional supplements work. Worthwhile to note that chronic disease develop over a long period of time and logically, healing or reversal of the conditions also take, or are notice after quite a while (from a couple of months or longer) depending on the type of illness as well as biochemical individuality.

More to come.



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