Optimum Nutrients for Optimum Health and the Current Modern Food Environment

Most of the predominant health problems of the modern society are lifestyle related: mainly linked to nutrition, water quality, air quality, and certainly physical activity. The challenges are in how to get optimum nutrients for optimum health from the food we eat. The fact that lifestyle health problems appear to persist appear to strongly suggest that the current intervention  measures to contain these health problems are ineffective or significantly inadequate. The root cause of this problem appears to be originating from limitations in our present knowledge on the relationships between nutrition as part of the lifestyle determinants of health, the food environment and our optimum health. Common advice especially on nutrition, mainly from most of our health and medical care providers is often very generalized, lacking detail and specificity, necessary for effectiveness of any proposed intervention measures. Given the complexity of the current food environment, the expert advice we get from our health care providers is certainly inadequate to address today’s persistent nutrition-related health problem. Therefore, when considering obtaining nutrients for optimum health and wellness from our current nutritional environment, bear in mind that this is not in any way a simplified issue of eat whole foods, more fruits and vegetables and less of meats and processed foods., but it requires a more intricate systems approach that recognizes the complexity of our current nutritional environment. This argument is well presented by Martha Traverso-Yepez and Kelly Hunter, available at: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/2158244016665891

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