Combating Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases - The Politics

Who is calling the shots on our health and healthcare globally and up to the local level? There are many players but one crucial player who could make the greatest impact is the policy maker/the politician. There is a general consensus that noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) are largely lifestyle-related, with nutrition playing the most significant role. Lifestyle modification revolving around optimum nutrition for optimum health can make a huge difference in combating  NCDs. If policy makers and of cause politicians could acknowledge the need for paradigm shift from emphasis on the current biomedical approaches to combat NCDs to that of alternative approaches (nutrition being the dominant factor), and take this position to the general public, it elevates the prospects of wining the war against NCDs. However, for reasons we all have to figure out, it  is apparent that policy makers and politicians world-over, have not yet stepped up to the plate to make this a reality, as depicted by Mozaffarian and Glickman, in their opinion article found at:


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