Pill-popping Mindset - The Top Barrier to Taking Charge of Your Health that Requires Overcoming.

What takes us to the emergency rooms or clinics, and what do we want when we go to an M.D. or physician? In all honesty, most of us would say we want the doctor to give us a name for our disease and a pill to make it go away. This phenomenon has been called the pill-popping mind-set” by Mindell and Hopkins, in their book, “Prescription Alternatives”. Contextually, this could fit well with the terms, “the perfect physician mindset” or “the savior mindset”as perceived by healthcare consumers.

For most of us, from childhood throughout our lives (through our parents, relatives, teachers, etc.), we have been conditioned to believing in “the perfect physician mindset”, and this has been compounded by financial interest alliances of prescription drug institutions, through multimillion-dollar advertising and marketing campaigns on TV and in popular magazines and newspapers, that everything “wrong” with us is a result of genetics or our biochemistry and of cause the “invading germs”, that we should look for a pill to fix these nature-linked health problems.

However, from our current knowledge, genetics and “invading germs” are not the big elephants in the room, as consensus  now revolves around lifestyle as the major player in the most notorious health problems of the modern day. Unhealthy lifestyle factors include: for example, poor nutrition, overeating, lack of exercise, chronic stress, not enough sleep, and exposure to toxins such as pesticides, air pollutants, etc.. All these involve choices we make, which we can do something about. Taking drugs to solve health problems caused by an unhealthy lifestyle is not a good strategy for a high-quality life or even for a long and healthy life. More so, it is now well acknowledged that a number of many prescription drugs under “the pill-popping mindset” phenomenon are health risk hazards, some of which are believed to be linked to some chronic noncommunicable diseases (through exposure to toxicants - the pill: long-term exposure, overdose, errors in usage etc.).

This informs us that “the pill-popping mindset” is currently not a desirable option to deal with our contemporary health problems. Unfortunately too many of us have put our health into the hands of our physicians, through “the perfect physician mindset”, which does not make us realize our full potential of a healthy and wellness life. Although the pill-popping mindset is largely acquired effortlessly and over time “conditioning”, changing this mindset would certainly put the burden of responsibility on us by demanding considerable effort from us to learn what doesn’t work and what works  to live a healthy lifestyle.

It starts with the courage to question the wisdom of “the pill-popping mindset” on your health, i.e., when your physician offers you a pill, don’t just blindly take it, rather find out whether there are lifestyle changes and/or natural alternatives which are likely to give you a healthier life you deserve.

In Natural Health, We Trust!


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