Supplements work for some people but not for others - A conditioned mindset that can be changed

So I have heard from many people that nutritional supplements (a component of natural health) work for some people but not for other. These are beliefs we learn through our life experiences and can change as we learn more and new phenomena. Getting down to the basics, nutritional supplements are in essence food (nutrients that might be lacking in our food or at the absorption interface) Therefore nutritional supplements as understood to be food are irreplaceable for life sustenance and continuity. When the saying goes “food is medicine”, including supplements as they are understood to be food, it is just within the philosophical frame work of natural health in which the body is believed to heal itself and food/nutrients as are believed to be the fundamental building blocks of the inert healing power/forces of the body (immunity being part of the healing package).

On the other hand, for most of us, our mindsets are conditioned to blindly believe the hype on universally accepted safety and effectiveness of  scientifically proven  prescription (Rx) drugs/medications.

Lets take a fact check from the “What they Say Fact Check Table” and see if we can come up with changes in mindsets

Intervention Approach
Natural/Holistic  Health Approaches
Conventional Medical/Biomedical Approaches
Provision of advice on food, nutrition and nutritional supplements in health and diseaseProfessionals receive extensive training in nutrition and therefore are adequately equipped to offer advice on nutrition in health and diseaseMost of the professionals, particularly doctors receive very little training in nutrition and therefore are not adequately equipped to offer nutritional advice
Food as medicineBased on the belief that the body heals itself, food, nutrients/nutritional supplements are the fundamental building blocks which enable self-healing. The cornerstone of our immune defense system is nutritionGiven thumps up only in limited scope of treatment of specific nutrition-related diseases such as scurvy in vitamin C deficiency, rickets in vitamin D deficiency and a few more others.
Conscious of the link between food/nutrition and many chronic diseases and therefore achieve successes in treating and reversing chronic diseases through cure of the root cause by way of nutrition/nutritional supplementsDisregard, do not recognize or are not knowledgeable of the link between nutrition and many chronic diseases and hence ignoring nutrition in intervention means failure to treat the root cause - this leads to the mantra - diseases of unknown causes and non-curable diseases
Prescription Medicines/Drugs and SurgeryGrounded in the “do no harm” principle of natural health, natural health practitioners or professionals avoid invasive treatments side effects (prescription drugs and surgery), preferring treatments which focus on allowing the body to reestablish balance and heal (nutrition) rather than on suppressing symptoms.Recognized and deemed  the ideal therapeutic approaches based on the fundamentals of the germ theory of disease and the kill the bug to cure the disease motto (Antibiotic - kill the bug; Pain killer - kill the pain; limb gangrenous dermatitis - amputate/remove the leg/arm - surgery)
Be conscious of the fact that:
Ø Most Rx medications do not really take part as part of the body’s efforts to fight disease and heal the body besides masking symptoms. Pain killers are a form of physician/doctor tricksters as they are used to desensitize nerves (temporarily kill the nerve) to relieve pain  (unfortunately, the targeted nerve in this case is not the root cause of the disease/health problem . The target root cause of the disease is not identified and treated and hence the term symptom-masking.
Ø The body actually gets down to work to remove Rx medications  as they are not part and parcel to the body’s defense system (are foreign) and may do harm to the body cells (side effects), destroy gut micro-flora in the same manner they kill bugs - such are antibiotics; medications that kill cancer cells and at the same time healthy normal cells - chemotherapy Rx drugs

Food for thought!!!


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