Taking charge of your health: It’s not that complicated.

Taking charge of your health requires the ability to overcome the fear of being unable to do so. It does not necessarily require help from medical or health care professionals as most of us are made to believe. What it takes is health-enabling lifestyle, which can be achieved at individual level willpower, intrinsically. If we believe that health is a phenomenon of all living organisms (unicellular, higher organisms - humans, animals), then as humans, we should be able to learn and realize that some animals live very long lifespans, through natural lifestyles in their natural habitats without any input from their own "highly trained health professionals", for example “Dr. Squirrel”.  We can learn from some of the theories behind long lifespans in tortoises and turtles, focusing particularly at the lifestyle theory, at: https://animals.mom.me/turtles-tortoises-live-long-3134.html

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