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Fighting Chronic Diseases in Humans - Learning from Animals in the Wild

Humans lost their natural inert  ability to  take charge of their health through civilization, industrial revolution and modernity.  Most of the illnesses associated with these changes in human way of living  are described as lifestyle diseases. Typically they are not manifested in wild animals living in their natural habitat. It is therefore reasonable to consider  w hat humans can learn, with regards to self-care or self-healing, from wild a nimals  living in their natural habitat, in the fight against chronic diseases and other ailments in general. For more insights, visit the following links:  and   Happy reading!

Helping You To Take Charge Of Your Own Health - Getting It From Professionals Who Have Your Personal Health At Heart

Your source of  advice or information on how to take charge of your health matters. In most cases, such kind of advice or information is biased in favor of protecting and /or conserving special (personal, professional, group, institutional, national etc.) interests,  which could be (financial, prestige, power,authority, etc. ). I present to you a perfect and excellent example of  a personal health advice, concise handout prepared by Dr. Timothy Barron (a medical surgeon), who has people’s personal health at heart,  advocating for patients/health seekers to take charge of their health. It can be accessed at:   Happy reading!

Getting Appropriate Information to Help with Taking Charge of Your Health

One of the crucial enablers towards taking charge of your health is identifying appropriate enlightening/educating, user-trusted, user-acceptable and personal health empowering information. Some of these enablers have already been highlighted in previous posts on this blog, especially those under the following titles: “Taking charge of your health and the challenges of reliable information and knowledge acquisition”, “Helping ourselves to take charge of our own health - The enablers” and “Pill-popping Mindset - The Top Barrier to Taking Charge of Your Health that Requires Overcoming”. The idea of identifying appropriate information to help with taking charge of your health might appear scary, but it it is not that complex. It can be approached in a very simplistic manner without the need for any special training or qualifications. The approach can be applied to information  from various sources such as the internet, newspaper, radio or television advertisements, and even your health