Getting Appropriate Information to Help with Taking Charge of Your Health

One of the crucial enablers towards taking charge of your health is identifying appropriate enlightening/educating, user-trusted, user-acceptable and personal health empowering information. Some of these enablers have already been highlighted in previous posts on this blog, especially those under the following titles: “Taking charge of your health and the challenges of reliable information and knowledge acquisition”, “Helping ourselves to take charge of our own health - The enablers” and “Pill-popping Mindset - The Top Barrier to Taking Charge of Your Health that Requires Overcoming”.

The idea of identifying appropriate information to help with taking charge of your health might appear scary, but it it is not that complex. It can be approached in a very simplistic manner without the need for any special training or qualifications. The approach can be applied to information  from various sources such as the internet, newspaper, radio or television advertisements, and even your health and medical care providers. Here, I present a very brief example of how this could be done.

We take a look at a report by the The Institute of Medicine (IOM) entitled “ Living Well with Chronic Illness:  A Call for Public Health Action “. available at: To help us find out if this piece of information is of any value to our health and wellness, we ask ask a few questions as follows:

Is it even possible to live “well” with a chronic illness?  Uuuuum, that doesn’t sound sensible.
Does it mean once you have a chronic disease nothing can be done to get rid of it (uncurable)?
If we can’t cure it, how certain are we that we can prevent occurrence of such illnesses in those who don’t have the illness as yet - root causes uncertain?
Are intervention approaches to easy the chronic illnesses health risks free - scenarios of hypertension medications and a number of pain killer management drugs?

If we can’t get clear answers to some of these questions, then this source of information is unlikely to be of any value to help us take charge of our health for better health, vitality and wellness.

I conclude this with one of my favorite quotes, “I urge you to keep on questioning everything to do with your own health - especially the “experts”. Take full responsibility for your own health, until you become satisfied with all aspects of your own health directions” - Karen Coates.

Food for thought!


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