Fighting Infectious Diseases - Lessons from Free-living Animals in their Natural Habitat

I don’t remember any narrative of a case of epidemic or pandemic, properly investigated and correctly and substantively confirmed outbreaks of infectious diseases in animals living freely in their natural habitat. I am thinking of an equivalence in humans of epidemics or pandemics of infectious diseases such as cholera, HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis, Ebola etc. The explanation on the differences in infectious diseases occurrence between humans and free-living animals most likely lies in evolving lifestyle-related changes, which is significantly remarkable in humans than in free-living animals, such as nutritional changes (from ancestral foods to modern diets). In present times, to fight infectious diseases, as humans, we need antibiotics, free-living animals don’t; we need immunizations, free-living animals don’t; we need highly trained professionals to help us fight infections diseases, free-living animals don’t, etc. Humans can learn a bit more and potentially apply some of the sustainable approaches to fight infectious diseases existing in free-living animals in their natural habitat. A Link that might bring forth more insights on how animals deal with infectious diseases is found at:



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