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Adopting Natural Health Approaches - A Necessary Step Towards Taking Charge of Our Own Health

Most of us were raised in modern environments living modern lifestyles. Modern generations are completely detached from their ancestral (cave man type life-style and diets). Our current conventional approaches to health is based on reliance on therapeutic interventions from experts (health-care providers - doctors, nurses, etc. ) when we get diseased, i.e., we play a passive role in our own health.   Natural health approaches are grounded in the philosophy which holds that,  the human body has the capability of healing itself. In natural health, all healing is essentially self-healing, a basic property of all living beings .  Unfortunately, the human generations of modernity have lost this inherent ability to live in harmony with nature and utilizing nature’s fundamentals that build and maintain health.  Most if not all non-humans living organisms, however still preserved the ability to utilize nature’s fundamentals that build and maintain health. This explains the basis of survival

Take Charge of Your Own Health - Natural Health/Hygiene Tips

Most of us as humans fear the idea of taking charge of our own health, as it is ingrained in us that it is the responsibility of highly trained health experts (doctors/physicians, etc. ), to safeguard our health. This should not be thecase, as human beings should be able to take charge of their own health guided by the principles of natural hygiene. Grounded in the principles of natural health, the body of any living organism heals itself, The following are excerpts from the book by Yeoh (2011), which supports this notion in a clear and easy to understand manner, through the concepts of natural hygiene.   “ Given the right conditions (right type of soil, air, water, sunlight, and   temperature), a small seed will grow into a big, healthy tree. Similarly, with   animals, given the proper environment, they can live long, healthy life. They   grow healthily without human interference, without consuming processed or   fortified foods and without doctors and medication-health comes natura

Helping Yourself Stay Health - Appropriate, Accurate, Concise and Easy To Understand Information matters

In our modern world and health environment flooded with misinformation, cooked up health research evidence, misleading health research findings, false health intervention beneficial claims, speculative scientific views taken or believed to be proven facts when they are actually not, etc., comes as a challenge to most of us as we seek to obtain the much needed helpful information which enables us to achieve a healthful life and well-being. To navigate through and overcome these challenges, there is always a starting point, ie., getting back to the basics of life in health, illness and healing and/or recovery, getting back to nature. Simply put, as well expressed in the book by Ehret (1910), “ Simplicity and moderation, eating mostly fruits and vegetables, a few nuts and seeds, will have a more powerful impact on the health and vitality of a person than the latest million-dollar gadget”. Some of the thought-provoking questions posed by Ehret (1910), to help us think of the road-map t

Understanding the Meaning of Health - An Enabler to Help Us Take Charge of Our Own Health

Optimizing our health, vitality and wellness starts with understanding the meaning of health. I tried to shed light on understanding the meaning of health in one of my previous post on this blog, entitled “Understanding Health Can Help Us Keep/Maintain It”, by use of definitions from various human health authorities. For many people, it is often very difficult  to draw a line that differentiates what entails the individual/public health and medicine practices, especially as it relates to stakeholders in these two disciplines and/or practices. The definition of medicine was therefore also provided in the previous post.    A further emphasis on the importance of defining a word for a better understanding of its meaning that augments the explanation given in the previous post was provided by  Nordenfelt (1995) as follows: “ According to Aristotelian philosophy, defining is the process by which   the "essence" of things is revealed. The essence of an object consisted of   tho