Helping Yourself Stay Health - Appropriate, Accurate, Concise and Easy To Understand Information matters

In our modern world and health environment flooded with misinformation, cooked up health research evidence, misleading health research findings, false health intervention beneficial claims, speculative scientific views taken or believed to be proven facts when they are actually not, etc., comes as a challenge to most of us as we seek to obtain the much needed helpful information which enables us to achieve a healthful life and well-being.

To navigate through and overcome these challenges, there is always a starting point, ie., getting back to the basics of life in health, illness and healing and/or recovery, getting back to nature. Simply put, as well expressed in the book by Ehret (1910), “ Simplicity and moderation, eating mostly fruits and vegetables, a few nuts and seeds, will have a more powerful impact on the health and vitality of a person than the latest million-dollar gadget”.

Some of the thought-provoking questions posed by Ehret (1910), to help us think of the road-map to a healthy life include the following, “ Is it true that people would prefer to suffer and even die rather than face the embarrassing possibility that true strength, health, vitality and happiness might not depend on the next super drug? Who in our modern time can admit that health might depend on very simple, inexpensive, commonly available, well-known, ancient foods which have supported and sustained human survival and the continuity of life for millennia?”

Effective health-seeking information gathering does not necessarily require voluminous reading of literature, but rather thought-provoking questioning of the information you come across.


Ehret, A (1910). The Cause and Cure of Human Illness. EHRET LITERATURE PUBLISHING COMPANY Summertown , Tennesse.


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