Take Charge of Your Own Health - Natural Health/Hygiene Tips

Most of us as humans fear the idea of taking charge of our own health, as it is ingrained in us that it is the responsibility of highly trained health experts (doctors/physicians, etc. ), to safeguard our health. This should not be thecase, as human beings should be able to take charge of their own health guided by the principles of natural hygiene. Grounded in the principles of natural health, the body of any living organism heals itself, The following are excerpts from the book by Yeoh (2011), which supports this notion in a clear and easy to understand manner, through the concepts of natural hygiene.  

Given the right conditions (right type of soil, air, water, sunlight, and temperature), a small seed will grow into a big, healthy tree. Similarly, with animals, given the proper environment, they can live long, healthy life. They grow healthily without human interference, without consuming processed or fortified foods and without doctors and medication-health comes naturally. These processes are pre-programmed by nature.

When a plant wilts under hot sun, all it needs is water; water, and nothing else!
When a person falls sick because of poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle, he only
needs to correct his diet and practice healthy living to recover his health. What is
the use of giving him medicine and drugs, when his illness is not caused by the
lack of them?

Can humans really take charge of their own health just like any other living organism such as is the case with wild animals in their natural habitat?

Yes We Can!!!


Yeoh, A. T. (2011). Natural Hygiene-the way to vibrant health & restoration of lost health. Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia


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