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Be the Boss of Your Own Health Through the Nature Cure Approach

The concepts of nature cure as a natural health approach was well elucidated in the early 20th Century  by one of the first pioneer authors Henry Lindlahr, in one of his book series  of  nature cure as follows: “ It is vastly more than a system of curing aches and pains; it is a complete revolution in the art and science of living. It is the practical realization and application of all that is good in natural science, philosophy and religion. “The philosophy of Nature Cure is based on sciences dealing with newly discovered or rediscovered natural laws and principles, and with their application to the phenomena of life and death, health, disease and cure”. Use of nature cure as an enabler for being the boss of your own health (taking charge of your own health)  is based on the simplicity of  the nature cure approach as compared to the orthodox medical approach in addressing  health matters.  Lindlahr (1922) argues that nature cure is considered  an “exact science”,  which  reduces com