COVID-19 - Using Food (Nutritional Supplements) to Fight It

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was very skeptical pinning hopes on the widespread search on the development of vaccines and finding antiviral drugs to fight  the coronavirus infection. My skepticism stems from my distrust on potential effectiveness and the possibility of adverse effects of the to-be vaccines or antiviral drugs, as has already been described elsewhere as well as briefly and in general, earlier on in my previous  two most recent posts, in particular with reference to therapeutic prescription drugs.

However, there is no need for despair, as there is some light at the end of the tunnel, at least on what I believe in (i.e. natural health), with some innovative professionals, already on board in search for  the best strategies to fight COVID-19. These professionals are jumping  on hoard  with a different lens from that of the biomedical model approach (based on the germ theory of disease), as they pursue the natural health/medicine approach strategies to fight COVID-19.  The natural health model strategies focus on use of food as the medicine, specifically targeting certain nutritional supplements as the building blocks and tools for the body’s defense mechanisms.

More on the natural health strategies can be found at: or 

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