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Your Health and the Experts - What to Make of Recommendations on Measures Against COVID-19

With the scare of the COVID-19 pandemic, the public world-over is looking up for hope of finding final solutions to end the COVID-19 terror. However, what I hear from prominent infectious diseases experts does not seem to warrant bringing that much needed hope. A quick look at the data showing trends of confirmed cases, recovered cases and deaths, from a few selected nations, provided below will help to explaining my point of view, provided below. The data were sourced on 25 th  May, 2020 at the link provided below the table. COVID-19 Snapshot for a few Selected Countries, May 2020 Worldwide                                  Confirmed 55M     +100K Recovered 2.23M Deaths 346K     +4,342 Location Confirmed Recovered Deaths      Australia 7,116    +9 6,532 102    United States 1.7M   +18,586 353K 99,462   +504   Brazil 375K    +11,687 154K 23,473   +807   Russia 362K    +8,946 131K 3,807    +92    United

In Health, Personal Responsibility Matters - But We Need to Earn It

In order to realize personal responsibility for our own health, we need to attain very basic knowledge in health protection and promotion. We should be able to play an active role in determining any action to take at any stage of our health status. Under the modern and conventional health care systems, most people are under the illusion that their doctor/physician take care of their health. However, it is mind boggling to imagine why people would think that those in charge of emergence rooms, medical clinics or hospitals, (virtually all healthcare professional in the conventional medical/health care system), would  be in a position to provide them with advice on health and wellness as these professionals do not focus on health and wellness during their training and therefore cannot provide personal health coaching services. The biomedical model of health professionals mainly focus on disease detection/diagnosis and treatment (at these stages, the patient is passive - plays no role