In Health, Personal Responsibility Matters - But We Need to Earn It

In order to realize personal responsibility for our own health, we need to attain very basic knowledge in health protection and promotion. We should be able to play an active role in determining any action to take at any stage of our health status.

Under the modern and conventional health care systems, most people are under the illusion that their doctor/physician take care of their health. However, it is mind boggling to imagine why people would think that those in charge of emergence rooms, medical clinics or hospitals, (virtually all healthcare professional in the conventional medical/health care system), would  be in a position to provide them with advice on health and wellness as these professionals do not focus on health and wellness during their training and therefore cannot provide personal health coaching services. The biomedical model of health professionals mainly focus on disease detection/diagnosis and treatment (at these stages, the patient is passive - plays no role). The disease-based model of health is unlikely to provide you with the necessary coaching or knowledge to empower you to play a more proactive role in your health, make better lifestyle choices for health protection and promotion

We  can however  obtain the much needed basic knowledge which enables to undertake responsibility for our health and wellness. Alternative or holistic models of health offer this opportunity. If  we cannot reach them in person, we can reach them through various platforms, especially the internet - which is usually costless and often unlimited availability and accessibility. An example of such educating and informing internet-based personal health knowledge can be found at: 


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