Face Masks Prevent Transmission of Coronavirus: Fact or Misleading Hype

I have consistently questioned the scientific basis of adopting several of the current intervention measures against the coronavirus pandemic, of which wearing face masks is one of them. It is strikingly surprising to note that the call for wearing face masks by policy maker advisers, especially from regions where cases are on the surge, is getting louder and making it mandatory in some public places. All this is done in the name of "following the science". 

However, some other health science professionals are convinced that ordinary face masks are unlikely to be effective in preventing transmission of the virus from person to person, arguing the virus particle can pass through these ordinary face masks. They argue that only N95 masks used as personal protective equipment (PPEs) in specialized, specific health care facilities are known to prevent transmission of respiratory system infectious microbes including viruses by about 95%. Otherwise use of ordinary face masks merely provides a false sense of security for the person wearing the mask, as explained in the news article by The Conversation, found online at: https://theconversation.com/what-really-works-to-keep-coronavirus-away-4-questions-answered-by-a-public-health-professional-132959This view appears to agree with hard science.

What’s your take? 


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