Taking Charge of your Health - Understanding Basics in Philosophy of Health is Key

 Ontology provides us with the insights into the nature of existence of the subject matter of interest, in this case, health, in order for us to get to the depth of reality.

The study of health is the study of life. Health is a natural condition of life. Perfect health is the ideal condition of life. Health cannot be extricated from life, for we cannot talk of health, in nonliving matter. The philosophy of health is, in essence, the philosophy of living matter/life.

Natural Health, Holistic Health, or Natural Hygiene is the exploration of all the elements and influences upon health we can examine to improve our lives. Certain truths and natural laws apply to all humanity and all living matter.

Natural Health, Natural Hygiene concerns itself with those principles (fundamental truths, comprehensive laws or doctrines, tenets) applicable to human life so that we may wisely apply them to our lives.

Animals in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance of instinct, they are correctly self-directed to meet their needs. 

 Humans, too, have instincts, but we are far more than these basic impulses of life. Unfortunately, we not only fail to follow our instincts but we often reject them in our living practices. 

Unlike wild animals in nature, most of us in this modern world cannot immediately rely on our instincts, for we have lost touch with them. We must first relearn the basics of what it takes to regain and maintain superb health. Natural Health or Natural Hygiene is for humans what inborn direction is for animals.


The core tenets of Natural health include:


Natural Health/Hygiene recognizes that the human body is a fully self-sufficient organism, that it is self-directing, self-constructing, self-preserving, self-healing, and self-maintaining itself in superb functioning order, completely free of disease, if its inherent needs are met, (needs being: fresh air, pure water, rest and sleep, wholesome foods, shelter, physical activity, emotional poise, and pleasant, conducive to life environment).

More specifically, in the case of self-healing, the power that made your body heals your body. Through a complex process by a powerful force beyond the comprehension of the human mind/brain, your body’s innate intelligence and incredible healing power formed this incredible masterpiece…you!  - from a union of two cells, developing into a very complex multicellular, multi-tissue, multi-organ and multi-system organism ….. you!


Applies to biological/biochemical individuality. The ideology of individualism is in opposition to the needs and concerns of the community, and/or Public Health ideologies. According to this individualistic ideology, choices and needs (e.g. food/ nutrients) vary by individual and individuals (and not groups, communities or the public in general) are capable of accepting responsibility for their personal health and taking care of themselves.


Healing is a power provided by vitalism. The human psyche, or our mental states, is a part of the whole person. The ideology of holism is in opposition to reductionism & medical specialization.

In natural health, healing is viewed as a concerted effort of the entire organism and cannot be achieved by any part in isolation from the whole.

Free Will:

By far the most significant tenet of the natural health philosophy refers to the capacity of humans to make choices

Prevention - Better than Cure:

If you are not responsible for your health then there is nothing to prevent. The ideology of prevention is better than a cure is in opposition to crisis-oriented biomedicine. Prevention goes hand in hand with individualism, whereby individuals are capable of accepting responsibility.

Get started with taking charge of your health - Good Luck.


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