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Hello folks and welcome to our blog on health and vitality through natural approaches. My name is Maxwell Guta and currently I am the only single administrator and author for this blog. The following are my educational credentials:

DVM: University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Brno, Czech Republic
MVS (Avian Health): University of Melbourne, Australia
Masters (Food Safety): Michigan State University, USA
PgD (Public Health): University of Liverpool. UK
ABA : Ashworth College, Georgia, USA

Up to the present day, I have engaged in independent research and self educating for almost seven years, focusing in particular on human chronic illnesses, of which I got to be one of the victims. Therefore, for a while I have been yearning for an opportunities to share my experiences and knowledge on health, ill-health and approaches to staying healthy. I am inclined to looking into health and ill-health in a much different way to the current conventional medical approaches, principles and the philosophical standing. Although my background training and subsequent work experience had been in the Veterinary Medicine Profession, further training in food safety and public health, and my personal life experiences molded my views on health and wellness and enabled me to  realize the shortcomings of conventional medical approaches to health and ill-health especially with regards to chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). These shortcomings are realized in contrast to alternative approaches to health and ill-heath which I now subscribe to, i.e. Natural Health Approaches (their principles and philosophical standing). Through this blog, I aspire to contribute to conscientise the general pubic on the power of natural health approaches and how that can be effectively utilized.  The opportunity has come and the time is now to share my experiences with all of you.

Comments on regular postings are welcome. Readers can also contact me with some questions or issues of clarifications via the contact form messaging or email.

With these welcome opening remarks, I would also like to introduce you to our online store, which allows you access to the natural health products offered by Health & Vitality Naturals. 

Explore and have fun!


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